Gifted and Talented FAQ

Gifted and Talented Education Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. When are elementary students evaluated for identification as Gifted and Talented?

Standardized tests of individual intelligence are administered the 1st semester of  2nd grade.  Every child in these grades will be given this test.

  1. What tests were used to identify a child?

Your child could be identified using results from the CogAT or the Slosson. These are standardized tests of individual intelligence. Students scoring at or above the 97%ile are automatically considered “gifted”.  In addition, other tests, such as the iStation Reading and/or Math, end of the year criterion referenced exams, and teacher recommendations can be included in a multicriteria evaluation matrix to qualify students.

     3. Will students have to miss class for of this?

No. At Prairie Vale we incorporate enriching lessons throughout the school year. This can be done at different times during the day and incorporated into the classroom lessons. It could be in the form of advanced classes, varied grouping strategies, acceleration, pull out lessons during our intervention/enrichment block and/or differentiation of curriculum and instruction.

    4.   If identified will students always be a part of the gifted or enrichment lessons?

Students may be considered gifted in one or more areas, but struggle in another. This means there may be times when your student is receiving interventions for a specific skill deficit to help with a weaker area.  If a child is not in need of interventions during our intervention/enrichment block, they will receive an enrichment lesson.

    5.    If identified should students be in honors classes?

This is dependent on each individual student.  There are many areas of giftedness. Students can be considered gifted because of their out of the box thinking. They may have different ideas and viewpoints that stand out, but struggle with day to day lessons. Students could be on a
Special Education IEP (individualized education plan) and still be considered gifted in one or more areas. Not all honors students are identified as gifted/talented and not all “gifted” students should automatically put in advanced classes.

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