A to Z Programs

A to Z Guide to Specials and Programs

Students in the 3rd grade work to build a team that is cohesive and competitive.

This is when the student body meets each Friday to celebrate and recognize students for accomplishments. Everyone is always welcome to be in attendance. This event is on hold due to health and safety procedures and may be substitued with a different format.

Before and after school paid day care provided in the school.

This track/field/fun day in May is organized by the PE coach and numerous parent volunteers. Everybody is a winner on Antler Day!

Art at Prairie Vale is a place where children learn to express themselves while learning about artists and the cultures that they come from. Our emphasis is on appreciation and expression. Children will gain experience creating art using a wide variety of media, including clay, pastels, watercolor and tempera paint, and many others.

This club is for students who want to read the condensed or original versions of classic literature. Students are recognized for every 5 classics they read.

The guidance program at Prairie Vale centers around the six pillars of character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship. We teach students on a regular schedule and also work with students individually and in small groups as needed. To stress the importance of Citizenship, we organize community drives such as the Harvest Food Drive,  donations like toothbrushes or hair care products for the Hope Center and international projects such as Maisha International collections.

Students take timed math tests in 1st-4th grades. Students are recognized at Antler Alert for reaching new levels.

This club is for students who want to read historical non-fiction and obtain certain levels of recognition for meeting goals of 5 or more history books.

Students in 3rd grade participate, practice and perform at various venues and performances.

Third grade students participate in the annual Statehood in November with historical activities.

Welcome to the Prairie Vale Media Center. We have the privilege of seeing each student at PV weekly for checkout, literature appreciation, research, and library skills instruction.
• Media Web Site

Students in music classes develop their talents by singing, movement, and playing instruments.  To expand their knowledge beyond music currently familiar to them, the students will also learn about composers, styles of music, and history of songs.

Our outdoor classroom is an awesome learning environment for art sketching, science exploration, mathematics sorting, and all curricular areas. The following links are lists of animals, plants and birds seen in the Outdoor Classroom.

  • Animals
  • Birds
  • Plants

Physical education is a fun and exciting class that introduces students to a variety of activities and ideas that students can perform for a lifetime of healthy living. Every student will have the opportunity to participate in activities such as rock climbing, cup stacking, archery, floor hockey, golf, tennis, lacrosse, orienteering, and many more new and innovative ideas. According to grade level, students will be introduced to movement exploration, rhythmic activities, relays, lead-up games for team sports, and every student will undergo a physical fitness test. Students will enjoy as they learn physical education so they will look back and realize PE is a way of life and not just a class.

Elementary years are exciting times, but it can be stressful to young children if they do not have certain skills to keep up in the classroom. The rclassroom teachers and interventionist work together to design a program to provide extra attention and support to students who are struggling to keep up in reading, so they can be successful in the classroom. The classroom teachers or interventionist may pull out students and assist them in learning strategies, specific phonetic and comprehension skills. During the time children spends, the teacher uses a variety of materials such as novels, games, books, computer software, hands on activities, and journals. This helps to engage the children and make their time spent more worthwhile.

Special Education services Pre-K through 3rd grade. Our students' needs are very diverse  ranging from learning disabilities, other health impairment, developmental delay,  and various other disabilities.

Students in grade 3 who read 10 or more books from the current Sequoyah list are recognized at Antler Alert and get a special recognition.

Children in 2nd-3rd grade participate in the classroom Spelling Bee. Class champions compete at the school level.

During the fall, this is one of our biggest community events. It is a fun way to raise money for the school.  This event may be substituted for an alternate activity due to health and safety procedures.

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